Boss Modes (BM) in Rumble Fighter, are a way you and your friends can battle NPC enemies, and defeat a powerful boss at the end. Boss Modes include 3 difficulties; Normal, Hard, and Hell. Normal is the regular difficulty for people who aren't good at Boss Modes, or just like to play it easy. Hard mode is a little bit more advanced, and includes more enemies, boss with more health, etc. Finally, Hell mode is for the most advanced player. It includes a few extra rooms in the Boss Mode, a lot more enemies, enemies with highly increased health, and a boss that uses more skillful attacks, and has a little bit more health.

There are a few Exocores which people believe are either designed for Boss Modes, or are just very effective against them. Such Exocores include:

• A16-P (Alchemist exclusive)

• Relentless Mace

• Dullahan

• HG-A1 (Alchemist exclusive)

• Staff of Eternity (Alchemist and Striker exclusive)

• Black Dragon King

• Arcane Gauntlet

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