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Rumble Fighter is a free-to-play, 3D, casual fighting massively multiplayer online game developed by WeMade Entertainment and Nimonix, and published by GamesCampus (Previously Online Gaming Planet(OGPlanet) 2007-2014 where there were separate servers for people who resided in North America(RFNA), Europe(RFEU), and Germany(RFDE) A different version for another area in the world was Rumble Fighter Taiwan(火爆小鬥士Online).). It is the English counterpart of Gem Fighter(젬파이터).

Players are able to equip Sacred Scrolls which allows them to have a unique fighting style. ExoCores are an additional feature where players undergo transformations during battle. These transformation changes the player's appearance, gives them additional skills, and may alter their fighting style.

Players may choose to play against each other, in teams, and alone or co-op in adventure mode. Using the game exclusive currency called Carats, players are able to purchase items to alter their characters' appearance or to boost up their stats. CampusCoins(CC), an exclusive currency to GamesCampus may also be used to purchase certain items.

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