One of the 4 basic classes you can choose upon character creation.


Gender Male, Female
Price 5,000 Carats
Default ExoCore Strike Force

High STR, HP

Low SP


The basic martial arts specialist, Strikers are strong in physical strength and close combat which makes them the perfect melee hero. This balance makes them ideal for beginners. When using overdrive mode equipment, their close combat skills are even further heightened. Their willpower is low so it is even more important for them to use their skills in overdrive mode with great care.

Def striker

Default Strikers.



Striker (M)

Male Striker

Stat Value
HP 2880
SP 160
STR 24
ARM 20
SPD 22
JMP 22

Striker Exclusive ScrollsEdit


  • Kung Fu
  • Another Avenger


  • Karate
Striker Kick 1

Striker Exclusive ExoCoresEdit


  • Heaven's Fist
  • Mecha Strike
  • Staff of Eternity
  • Xero Discus Custom


  • Attack Booster
  • Blood Revolver
  • Dragon Striker
  • Golden Lion
  • Hellhand Gauntlet
  • Invincible Fist
  • Muhon's Claw
  • Spartan
  • Xero Discus

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